Software Engineer

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | Full-time | Fully remote


Lattice Automation provides complete solutions to fundamentally change the way that synthetic biological designs are conceived, designed, physically created, and managed. Our technology builds upon state-of-the-art techniques and technology in computer science, electrical engineering, and bioengineering. We are building a team of software developers, computer scientists, and biologists that can collaboratively engineer and deploy novel computational tools, and we hope that you will consider joining us.

As a Software Engineer at Lattice you will be part of a team focused on delivering cutting edge software solutions to synthetic biology customers. You will lead key customer software efforts starting from requirements gathering and architecture formulation through development, testing, and deployment cycles. You will build technically and aesthetically crisp software in a primarily reactive web programming environment. The stack will vary based on customer specifications, so flexibility is preferred to strict adherence to one specific stack, but ReactJS + GraphQL + NoSQL + Typescript is our most utilized set of technologies. Coding quality and robust functionality is most important, regardless of language.

You will work with a small team of engineers and experts in algorithms, software design, synthetic biology, and interface design. Your role will be to develop programmatic tasks and features into code that is performant, readable, and flexible. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Developing and deploying shippable code for customer projects from a backlog of features/bugs.
  • Staying up-to-date with current software tools and trends in relevant areas of synthetic biology.
  • Collaborating with the Lattice management team to conceptualize, develop, and deploy state-of-the-art software solutions for synthetic biology.
  • Promoting and facilitating exposure of Lattice computational innovations to the synthetic biology community.
  • Helping to create, maintain, and document a world-class codebase.
  • Helping to supervise Junior Software Engineers on individual project efforts
  • Working with Lattice Project Managers to hit technical milestones and communicate with customers. 
  • Contributing to development and deployment infrastructure. 


About you

You are a highly motivated, independent software developer with experience building software from the ground up. You have a proven track record of designing and implementing innovative solutions to challenging computational problems (experience building scalable, reactive SPAs is a big plus). You like to both work on individual coding projects as well as large-scale team-based efforts. You are comfortable with the challenge of delivering shippable code to achieve specific goals in a fast-paced environment. You are passionate about programming and improving your skill set. You are excited about working in a startup environment with fluid job responsibilities, autonomy, and high standards.



  • B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in Computer Science/Engineering, Bioinformatics, or Computational Biology with demonstrable software development project experience. Years of post-graduate work experience is not mandatory, nor is it sufficient without demonstrable coding effort.
  • Proficient knowledge of the current Javascript technologies landscape (ReactJS, Angular, and Typescript experience preferred).
  • Experience with data ETL and management technologies (GraphQL, REST, MongoDB, etc.)
  • Familiarity with package management tools (npm, yarn, etc.).
  • Exposure to server and deployment technologies (NodeJS, Docker, AWS, etc.).
  • Understanding of software engineering best practices and testing frameworks.
  • Basic background in algorithms.
  • Biology background is a plus.
  • Independent, smart-working self starter motivated to over-deliver with a passion for science, engineering, and learning.

We are looking for interested candidates willing to start immediately.

Application Information:

Upload your resume and cover letter here. Please include links to work samples. In your cover letter, highlight the requirements sought in the solicitation and discuss how you meet them. Also provide the contact information for three references that can directly speak to your programming, leadership and teamwork experiences . In the resume, highlight the experience that addresses the requirements.